This blog is written about the AI game for the AI class. I will make the AI game and show you what my process is.
First, I will make the game named The Game of Life. The Game of Life is a board game.
Important rules
This board game has many nodes and there is a goal. Each player must spin the wheel which shows numbers, and the player can go that number. Each node has events, such as increasing money, decreasing money, buying a home, etc. When the first player reaches a goal, the player can take a lot of money. The goal statement is when all players reach the goal, a player who has more money than the other players win.
This site has the rules:
The computer (enemy) has a few rules.
1. Spinning the wheel which shows numbers
2.   Best choice of ways.
3. Best choice close to the goal.
I planned the 2 parts of the work.
In the first part, I will make the fundamentals of the game. This program will take a lot of time.
1. Make the start and the goal.
2. Make many nodes.
3 Make all nodes have events.
In the second part, I will make the enemy’s AI. The enemy‘s AI should be a greedy algorithm that uses a cost function as the heuristic. The player who will win will have more money than others, so the AI should choose better node and way.
This is the site about the greedy algorithm: